Messages for the Food Industry


From a food industry perspective HOLL OSR oil balances the three practical requirements for a functional food oil:


Nutrition: HOLL OSR oil is the option which combines one of the lowest levels of saturated fats with substantial levels of oleic acid and only trace levels of trans fats.



Functionality: with no substantial differences in taste, color and texture between the most used edible oils (e.g. palm olein and HO sunflower oil).



Stability: with twice the frying life of regular OSR oil and similar performance to HO sunflower oil.





The level of unsaturation is the main factor that promotes oxidation and break down during use of the hot oil. HOLL OSR oil, with less saturated fatty acids and higher levels of oleic acid is more heat resistant than many edible oils.


It has a higher smoke point (246°C) resulting in higher resistance to heat process than most edible oils, thus being a good choice for the frying industry l It has similar behavior alone and in blends and it also has better performance in the development of total polar materials (TPM) than regular rapeseed oil indicating that the frying life of HOLL OSR oil is longer than for regular OSR oil. Moreover, it has similar behavior to HO sunflower oil in the development of total polar materials (TPM), which indicates substitutability.