What is HOLL in oilseed rape?


HOLL refers to a range of winter oilseed rape (WOSR) varieties with a HIGH OLEIC AND LOW LINOLENIC (HOLL) fatty acid oil profile. It was achieved by conventional breeding methods to provide an oilseed rape (OSR) oil with a specific fatty acid profile benefiting food processors, foodservice operators and consumers.


It has one of the lowest level of saturated fats compared to most vegetable oils providing a good option to reduce the daily intake of “bad fats”. It has only trace amounts of trans fats. It has a good natural vitamin E content.


High Oleic, Low Linolenic (HOLL) oilseed rape oil enables food companies to reduce saturated fat levels and eliminate trans fats in fried and processed foods. As consumers continue to demand a more healthy diet and are more aware of the origin of their food the demand for home grown HOLL oil market is expected to grow. Couple with this the volatility in the High Oleic sunflower market and the future looks attractive for the UK HOLL.


New Genetics: New generation genetics and advanced breeding technology has brought new HOLL hybrids into the field. V316OL and V295OL meet the end user demands, have sound agronomic packages and offer high yield and oil content which are comparable to AHDB recommended list hybrids.


Quality Support: HOLL is stewarded by a number of distributors giving national coverage in the UK, working closely with the major OSR processors providing advice to help meet the quality specifications whilst maximising grower returns. Pre-movement analysis of all crop parcels as part of the contract provides a high degree of grower assurance and flexibility ahead of grain marketing.