In Conclusion


In conclusion, from a food industry perspective HOLL OSR oil balances the three

practical requirements for a functional food oil:


  • Nutrition: HOLL OSR oil is the option which combines one of the lowest levels of saturated fats with substantial levels of oleic acid and only trace levels of trans fats.


  • Functionality: with no substantial differences in taste, color and texture between the most used edible oils (e.g. palm olein and HO sunflower oil).


  • Stability: with twice the frying life of regular OSR oil and similar performance to HO sunflower oil.


4 Good Reasons to use HOLL OSR Oil


1)    It is a better option compared to most other oils for fried use because it has:


     • One of the lowest saturated fat level

     • Only trace level of trans fats

     • Substantial level of oleic acid

     • Good amount of Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid)

     • Good amount of vitamin E


2)    It is stable at high temperatures


3)    It has longer frying life than most edible oils


4)    It provides good taste to fried products