V353OL THE NEXT STEP IN HOLL OSR V353OL is a new HOLL variety which includes the benefits of pod shatter resistance and faster autumn development.

  • Mid early hybrid, good development before winter, yield stability, good oil content
  • Good overall disease profile
  • Positioning: Alternative to V316OL (where extra vigour sought)


Growing V353OL

  • The rapid autumn growth habit of V353OL suits a wide range of sowing dates.
  • Where the risk of non-HOLL volunteers exists then the use of low disturbance establishment systems may reduce the risk of contamination and improve quality.
  • Sow at a seed rate appropriate to achieve an even plant stand of 25-30 plant/m2 in spring. Higher plant populations may reduce the effects of volunteer non-HOLL plants on overall crop quality.
  • A taller height means PGRs may be useful at stem extension to manage height and improve light penetration for maximum yield.
Autumn Vigour: 7
Earliness Flowering: 6
Earliness Maturity: 6
Shortness of Stem: 7
Lodging Resistance: 6
Stem Canker: 6
Light Leaf Spot: 6
Gross Ouptut (%): 104
Oil Content(%): -
Linolenic Content(%): 2.51
Oleic Content(%): 81.7