V316OL THE FULLY RECOMMENDED HOLL VARIETY V316OL is fully recommended by AHDB for the whole UK and has been shown to perform at the level of the highest 00 varieties


• New generation HOLL hybrid with premium opportunity.

• Very high gross output with low linolenic acid content and very High Oleic acid Content .

• Good autumn vigour, medium early flowering and early to medium maturity.

• Good all round disease resistance.


V316OL has high yields with excellent oil quality at less than 3% Linolenic acid and over 75% Oleic acid, maximising the ability to meet quality standards without compromising yield.


Growing V316OL


  • Medium autumn growth habit means V316OL CL is suitable for the early as well as the main drilling window.
  • Low Disturbance establishment systems may reduce germination of non-HOLL volunteersand improve quality.
  • Sow at a seed rate appropriate to achieve an even plant stand of 25-30 plants/m2 in spring.
  • A taller height means PGRs should be considered at stem extension especially when growing conditions are favourable and a large canopy exists to manage height.
Breeders View
V316OL High Oleic, Low Linolenic oil quality which gives the oil a larger market than conventional 00 oil and consequently a potential premium to the grower. This variety is fully recommended by AHDB for the whole UK and has been shown to perform at the level of the highest 00 varieties. It has excellent lodging resistance and good resistance to phoma and light leaf spot.
Autumn Vigour: 6
Earliness Flowering: 7
Earliness Maturity: 5
Shortness of Stem: 6
Lodging Resistance: 8
Stem Canker: 5
Light Leaf Spot: 6
Gross Ouptut (%): 100
Oil Content(%): 45.4
Linolenic Content(%): 2.68
Oleic Content(%): 80.43
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