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Organoleptic qualities of the HOLL Oil

An 8-member panel appreciated the color of the fries, especially the golden color.

Fries differences

Appreciation of the golden color after 1, 25, 50 or 80 cycles of frying

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Cycles of frying

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Fries cooked in HOLL oil have a golden color, "the original color of the fries", well appreciated by the consumer even after 80 cycles of frying.

Averaged acceptance sensory scores for products fried in different oils

Always a good appreciation of food fried in HOLL oil.
Averaged acceptance alt blocks
HCAN (Hydrogenated rapeseed oil)
HSOY (Hydrogenated soybean oil)
CAN (Conventional rapeseed oil)
SOY (Soybean oil)

Changes in color during rotational frying in different oils

Lesser color degradation for HOLL oil
Averaged lines alt
HSOY (Hydrogenated soybean oil)
HCAN (Hydrogenated rapeseed oil)
SOY (Soybean oil)
CAN (Conventional rapeseed oil)