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Benefits for Producers and Suppliers

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Good yields and performance stability
  • Resistance to cold
  • Tolerance to Phoma
  • Good rooting capacity
  • Tolerance to lodging
  • Flexible mid early cycle
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High stability to heat and frying cycles

  • High oleic acid content
  • Low PUFA content
  • High smoke point
  • Low foaming & oxidation
  • Few polar compounds formed
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Increased use life

Heat deterioration 40% slower than rapeseed or soybean oils.

(Przybylski, 2013)


Formation of oxidized compounds 20% lower compared to high oleic sunflower oil.

(Matthaüs, 2006)


Less toxic compounds formed even after 11 days of frying.

(Przybylski, 2013)


Less acrylamide formation in fried food compared to conventional rapeseed, soybean, corn and olive oil.

(Zhang 2015)


Increased frying time.

(6 to 11 days compared to conventional rapeseed & soybean oils)

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Increased shelf life

High stability due to its characteristic fatty acid composition rich in oleic acid.


Good protection against oxidation due to its natural richness in antioxidants, i.e. vitamin E.