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Benefits for HOLL Oil Consumers

Nutritional alt text
Regular use and health effects
  • High oleic acid content
  • Low SFA content
  • Presence of PUFAs
  • Only trace amounts of trans fat
  • Good omega-6 / omega-3 ratio
  • Naturally rich in vitamin E
Organoleptic alt text
Many frying cycles and economic gain
  • Perception by trained panels
  • Few off-flavors produced during frying
  • Good acceptability of fried foods
  • Stability of taste
  • Better appreciation golden color:

    "the original color of fries"

Messages for Consumers


The consumption of HOLL oil reduces dietary saturated fatty acids responsible for the increase in blood levels of bad cholesterol.


"Rich in monounsaturated fats”


The product contains at least 45% fatty acids derived from monounsaturated fats and the energy provided by the monounsaturated fats accounts for more than 20% of the energy intake of the product.


Helps to replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats



The replacement of saturated fats with unsaturated fats in the diet helps maintain normal cholesterol. Oleic acid is an unsaturated fat.



Rich in monounsaturated fats

HOLL oil consumption increases essential polyunsaturated fatty acid intakes.


"Source of alpha-linolenic acid”


The product must contain at least 0.3 g of ALA / 100 g and 100 kcal, ie 0.3 g of ALA per 11.1 g of oil given the energy density of the oil.


"Alpha-linolenic acid contributes to maintain normal cholesterol"



The food is at least one source of ALA within the meaning of the 'source of omega-3 fatty acid' claim set out in the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. The consumer must be informed that the beneficial effect is obtained by the daily consumption of 2 g of ALA.

ANSES report

December 2016

"The current average consumption of low ALA vegetable oils and margarines is too high. It should be diminished. On the contrary, the consumption of vegetable oils rich in ALA should be considerably increased, which would lead to an increase in the total consumption of vegetable oils. The consumption of vegetable oils rich in ALA should be daily."

Rich in monounsaturated fats